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But is it Art?

After a professional artist and magazine illustrator told the author of CooperToons that his cartoons could be better if he learned to draw, CooperToons began investing in courses offered by the Continuing Education Department at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. For the fruits of some of the efforts from the classes and the techniques learned, click on the thumbnails.

Also for a Merry and Illustrated look at some of the classes, click here

   Rhinoceros - Pastel    Barred Owl    Black Lab    Howler Monkey    Four Pelicans    Boots After Van Gogh    Four Pelicans    Indian Elephants    Portrait of Emily    Gorilla    Lion and Lioness    History of Pastels    Orange and Pink Pig - Color Block Print    Longhorn Cattle    Portrait of Less    Aluminum Plate Lithograph - Portrait of Woody Allen    White Tiger    White Tiger    African Lion - Male - Illustration    African Lion - Male    Water Color Sketch - Water and Trees    White Faced Saki Monkeys    Norristown Giraffes    Peeking Hippopotamus    Emerald Toucanet    Pig - After Rembrandt    Mesa Verde    Pelican Pastel    Sunflower in Brass Cup - Pastel    Modern Art Gorilla - Pastel    Bob White Quail    Rose in Blue Glass Vase    Impressionist Cowgirl    The Vaughn Portrait - Corrected!    Pumpking Still Life - Pastel    Rose in Transparent Vase    Roses in Vase    Sleepy Pig    Many Pigs    Rhinoceros - Pastel Sketch    Pigs Block Print - Reverse Line and Block Intaglio    Chimpanzee Woodcut Monotype    Pig Color Linocut Print    Gorilla Oil Painting    Outdoor Pig    Camel Statue    Gorilla Pastel    Gorilla Sketch    Gorilla Photograph - Retouch    Two Rhinoceros - Polymer Clay    Sleeping Cat - Oil Painting    Rhinoceros Stone Lithograph    Ceramic Cow with Oak Horns    Gorilla Stone Lithograph    Gorilla Block Print    Gorilla Block Print    Metal Sculpture - Giraffe    Raku Rhinoceros    Cermic Bison - Oxide Patina    Gorilla Sketch    Porcelain:  Unglazed and Glazed    Porcelain Pigs in a Row    Big and Little Hippos - Terracotta    White Lioness Unglazed English Porcelain    Gorilla Unglazed English Procelain    Unfired Porcelain Lioness    Chimpanzee Sketches    Ceramic Buffalo - Bison    Two Ceramic Elephants with Ceramic Tusks    Ceramic Rhinoceros    Ceramic Elephant with Ebony Tusks    Hippopotamus Clay Sculpture    Cape Buffalo Ceramic Sculpture    Glazed Ceramic Pigs    Two Giraffes - Pastel    Cat Dry Point Print    Baby and Mama Giraffes    Ecorche Portrait Bust    Polar Bear    Ostrich    Polar Bear    Portrait of Rose / Pig Portrait    Giraffe Wax Maquette    Gilded Pig    Camel    Elephant Drawing    Plaster Pig    Thoughtful Baboon    Two Bronze Elephants    Heroic Bronze Pig - No Patina    Elephants (Wax Model)    Gorilla    Heroic Pigs    Aligator Sketch - Pastels    Pig and Piglets - Clay Models    Two Elephants    Wax Pigs Composition    Heroic Pig - The Mold    Heroic Pig    Cat Sketches    Pig - Clay Model    Bronze Casting - Trois Vaches Dans La Boue    Calf Bronze Study    Trixie the Guide Dog    Bronze Casting    Masai Cows    Sleeping Bronze    Cat and Bird Bronze    Female Figure Sculpture - White Terra Cotta    Sam, the Boston Terrier    Dr. John Marshall Franklin, III    Bubba the Poodle    Prairie Dog    Hand Study    Giraffes    Bird    Sleeping Cat #2    Swamp Monster by David Cooper    Phoenix Bird    Sleeping Cat #2    Jason Li - Cast Drawing of Germanicus    David's Shoe    Sleeing Cat    Modern Art:  Is God a Penguin?    Cast Paintings    Cast Drawing    Animal Charcoal Study     Charcoal Study