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'Nother Pig

Plaster Pig

In the 1940's, J. R. R. Tolkein, would meet weekly at Oxford with the group known as "The Inklings". There, together with C. S. Lewis and friends, he would read aloud his then in-progress novel, The Lord of the Rings. The book, though, was not universally admired, and once when Ronald began reading a passage, Hugo Dyson snorted, "Oh, ----!" Not another elf!"

So no doubt there are many looking at this work of art and saying, "Oh, ----!" Not another pig!

Another ------- pig indeed, this time cast in plaster, the traditional material for original statues. Believe it or not, Auguste Rodin's originals are not the bronze statue but actually the plaster models, most now owned by the French government. But plaster can also be used for original works, often for statues that will be 1) kept indoors and 2) covered with metal leaf, like gold.

Does this mean the next ------- pig might be a gold ------- pig?

Who knows, perhaps a ------- gold pig, indeed.