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Is God a Penguin?
Computer Collage
CooperToons First Entry into Modern Art

Is God a Penguin?  A Work of Modern Art

After having the (guffaw) pleasure of recently seeing some exhibits (if you want to call them that) of modern art (well, at least it's modern) at various and sundry New York City museums, the author and illustrator of CooperToons decided he'd try his hand at this genre. So consider this a "computer collage".

Was it Andy Warhol who said, "If you can get away with it it's art"?

Oh, yes. Every painting (at least the signs said they were paintings) or sculpture (which is a funny thing to call a nondescript blob of polyurethane foam sitting on the floor) has some kind of blurb revealing the artist's intentions and philosophy. So here goes.

In 'Is God a Penguin?' the artist explores the fundamental meaning of life itself. By expressing the image of the Creator as a fowl incapable of flight bringing life to mankind, he expresses the fundamental unity of all living creatures, their beauty, fragility, and ultimate contradictions.

Either that or he's bullshitting the public.