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George Washington's Rules of Civility
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Does anyone know the single greatest act of Civility that

George Washington

bestowed on the then-new United States?

George Washington's Rules of Civility

No it wasn't that George led the country to independence in the American Revolution or that he held the troops together at Valley Forge. Nor that he voluntarily stepped down to retire to private life after the war (thus earning him the title the "American Cincinnatus").

No, the single greatest act of civility that the Father of Our Country bestowed on his fellow citizens was when on March 4, 1793, in the senate chamber on the second floor of Congress Hall in Philadelphia (next to the more famous Independence Hall) George delivered the

Shortest Inaugural Address in US History

George Washington's Rules of Civility

And just so you won't have to look it up, here is George's most civil address, unabridged and in toto.

Fellow Citizens:

I am again called upon by the voice of my country to execute the functions of its Chief Magistrate. When the occasion proper for it shall arrive, I shall endeavor to express the high sense I entertain of this distinguished honor, and of the confidence which has been reposed in me by the people of united America.

Previous to the execution of any official act of the President the Constitution requires an oath of office. This oath I am now about to take, and in your presence. That if it shall be found during my administration of the Government I have in any instance violated willingly or knowingly the injunctions thereof, I may (besides incurring constitutional punishment) be subject to the upbraidings of all who are now witnesses of the present solemn ceremony.

Would that all our leaders be so civil!


And for all those who want to read all of George's 110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, each illustrated with a CooperToons cartoon, you can purchase the book from Amazon in Kindle or paperback format if you just click here.

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