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Figure Sculpture - White Terra Cotta

Figure Sculpture - Female - White Terra Cotta

You can view the sculpture from various angles. If you prefer to shift the positions with a click of the mouse (opening in a new window) click here. For an automated page, click here.

Although not the first sculpture from a CooperToons artistic effort, it is the first one deemed worthy of displaying. Modeled from life in clay, this small sculpture (it's about 6" either way) became officially terra cotta after it was fired in a kiln. Don't be mislead by the monicker of the genre. The firing of terra cotta (Italian for "baked earth") is not to be done in the kitchen oven. Your oven isn't hot enough for one thing, and it's not properly programmed for another. Such an endeavor (as in bronze casting) is best left to the professionals.

Fortunately commercial kilns are surprisingly numerous (if you know where to look), and the cost they charge is relatively cheap. That is firing terra cotta is; having your sculpture cast in bronze is a whole new pocketbook.