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The Eternal Quest for Mankind's Realization of Truth
(Or Ceramic Elephant with Ebony Tusks)

Ceramic Elephant with Ebony Tusks

True connoisseurs of art would be shocked! shocked! to learn that there have been most denigrating remarks about CooperToons' work of art titled Mankind in Tandem Seeking a Place in a Universe of Infinite Wonders or Two Glazed Ceramic Pigs. Pah! Phillistines!

This, too, is a ceramic sculpture - that is, a clay figure that is fired, not once, but twice. After the first firing the statue was dipped into a slurry of various minerals in water. It is then allowed to dry for a few minutes - the sculpture is pretty porous - and it is dipped again in a different slurry. The first slurry - or glaze - was contained iron and the second had copper. This produced a glaze that is called "weathered bronze" because it looks like, well, like weathered bronze. In a personal CooperToons opinion, weathered bronze glaze looks a lot better than weathered bronze.