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Trixie the Guide Dog

Trixie the Guide Dog - Pastel Study

As the title says this is a portrait of Trixie the Guide Dog. The medium is fairly expensive, high class pastels on what in years gone by was referred to as typewriter paper. This picture is a "study", ergo, what is generally considered a preliminary sketch for a fuller work of art. Of course, whether the fuller work is ever realized depends on what degree sloth and industry contend as well as a function of the artist's attention span. There's also the factor that many a study of a great master ends up being better than the final painting, and so in some case it's not worth doing anything more.

Trixie is a regular guest at sculpture classes and sits patiently on her blanket by her bowl of water waiting for the class to end. The astute will note that her habitually worried expression is due to her markings and does not reflect any true anxiety. As all who know her can vouch, Trixie is a relaxed connoisseur of fine art.