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Louie Louie: An Analysis (Or When Are the Kingsmen Not the Kingsmen?)

The CooperToons Citizenship Test!

Linus Pauling and the Battle of the Quantum Calculators

Gödel's Theorem: A Most Brief and Very Sketchy Outline

The Problem with Pyrene and the Real Hückel's Rule

Do Your Own Hückel Calculations!

The Chemistry of Lithography

The Mad Bomber of New York

The Liar's Paradox

The Monty Hall Problem - Revisited Again!

Eratosthenes and the Earth

James A. Garfield: The Pythagorean President

Fiddling with Revelation 13:18: A Merry Introduction to Biblical Scholarship

Getting the TRUTH from Polls and Surveys

If a Square Root is Not an Integer, What is It?

Cantor's Proof of the Countability of the Rational Numbers

Cantor's Proof of the Countability of the Integers

The Ontological Argument of St. Anselm

Alan Turing's Halting Problem

Cantor's Diagonal Proof