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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

In answer to the comments that the CooperToons Website 1) specializes in caricatures of people that no one knows and 2) underrepresents the ladies, hereby is posted a caricature of someone everyone knows and who is indeed a lady.

But allow this excuse if needs must have a call for the artist's creative response to just criticism. In portraiture (and caricature) there are the following facts to confound the student.

First, nice looking ladies are far more difficult to caricature (and draw portraits of) than ugly men. In fact the best approach for teachers of beginning portrait classes is to select as the first model a man and the uglier the better. Craggy features are relatively easy to render compared to the smooth contours more common on the ladies.

Of course, regardless of gender, the best subjects are people with distinct features. Nicole with her eyebrows is a good subject.