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Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Don't think much of Karl Marx, do you? Well, why should anyone admire the inventor of a (ptui) bankrupt philosophy? Why indeed?

After all, what could be more ridiculous than writing that a nation which is run via a free market system will inevitably go through the periodic economic crises where the business leaders will maintain their high personal incomes by reducing the workforce while requiring increasing productivity which will result in growing unemployment, longer workweeks, less compensation for the average workers, and if the employees complain, well, then the bosses say, go look out the window and see the massive army of the unemployed, and so if you don't want your job, we'll find someone who does.


But although Karl has come into for much criticism in recent years, far from going into spittle flinging diatribes against the upper classes, he was actually sympathetic to troubled people regardless of their station in life. Why once he even lamented about a "most indelicate complaint" of a high born lady when he said ...

Well, perhaps we should delay a discussion on that - ah - indelicate topic until you have read more about Karl and his - quote - "bankrupt philosophy" - unquote - which you can do if you just click here.