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Yes, it's

Mickey Spillane

Mickey Spillane

Frank Morrison Spillane - called "Mickey" by his friends - was the greatest author who ever lived. Well, at least he might be by some criteria. After all, the publishers of highbrow authors like Gertrude Stein, Sherwood Anderson, or Ford Maddox Ford might find they could run a printing of no more than 500 copies, and a second printing wasn't needed. Mickey, though, couldn't even squeak by with a measly 200 million copies of his 25 novels. So who's the better writer?

Fifteen - and the most popular - of Mickey's novels featured the hardboiled detective, Mike Hammer. But an aspiring private investigator - PI for short - should not take the stories of Mike's modus operandi as what to expect once you hang out your shingle. Certainly don't use it as a blueprint as how to forge a successful investigatory career - not if you want to keep your license and stay out of jail.

So, sweetheart, we can have a couple of belts before dinner and later go to my place to learn more about Mickey's most famous character - and especially how not to be a real PI - that is, if we can if we just click here.