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Edward Moore (Ted) Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

It's somewhat ironic that Ted Kennedy - the "little brother" of the Kennedy clan - was not just the heftiest of the male siblings, but also had the longest political career of any. Teddy had served almost a half century in the US Senate when he died in 2009. Some of the later Kennedy scions have entered politics, but have yet to make the same impact as the three brothers, John, Bobby, and Ted.

Although Teddy finally made a bid for the president it was not at an opportune time. He was challenging the then incumbent and fellow Democrat, James Earl Carter. Trying to displace a president from your own party is always tough, but it looked like Ted was going to give Jimmy a run for his money. And when asked about how he was going to rise against the Challenge of Ted, Jimmy replied ...

Well, as this is a family website - with traditional family values - we'll have to defer this quote 'til later.

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