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Henry Miller

1891 - 1980

Henry Miller

Henry Miller is the type of author to whom history always seems on the verge of rendering its final verdict. So were his books the product of one of the greatest writers in history, or will they end up in the bargain bins with the new readers saying, "And for this I paid a quarter?"

Critics have always been divided on Henry. "He writes literature, not pornography" one jacket-quoted critic trumpeted. But another reviewer dismissed Henry as not even good at writing trash. "As a pornographer," he wrote, "Miller has been surpassed" and added that as a critic of America, Henry was simply "an ineffectual rebel who can never make up his mind whether to stick out his tongue or take to the barricades."

Well? Was Henry a writer of great literature or simply a second rate pornographer with delusions of grandeur? Of course, you certainly won't learn the answer to that on a cartoon website. But you can learn a bit more about Henry if you click here.