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In some of your writings you get rather preachy about the lack of accuracy on the Interent. Indeed, to use your own oft worn phrase, you will go into - quote "spittle-flinging diatribes" - unquote - which make Donald Duck in his most incoherent irascibility come off like he's reciting the theological writings of Albert Schweitzer. And yet you, yourself, are writing on the Internet. Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

CooperToons regards the Internet as one of the greatest inventions of mankind (even if it really wasn't invented by an American politician). But although it has revolutionized the ability to disseminate information, it has also revolutionized the ability to exponentially magnify misinformation. CooperToons, in rebellion against ignorance and superstition, goes to great trouble and at times expense - yes, expense - to locate and use the most reliable sources