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What's the beef about sites that use advertisment to garner revenue? Now in our country, enterprise is valued above all else. So why won't you start reaping the benefits of our free market economy, and prove to us all that you are a true, patriotic American? Put up some ads!

CooperToons (ptui) spits on Internet ads. Internet ads alienate the viewer and makes the site near impossible to use. And for what it's worth, CooperToons has actually turned down offers for advertisement.

Besides as stated emphatically above, CooperToons is an educational website dedicated to eradicating superstition and ignorance in an increasingly superstitous and ignorant world and does so without thought to personal compensation. So the CooperToons website is maintained as public service and to avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest or influence from any special interest groups, CooperToons is entirely self-financed. It is through true patriotism that CooperToons keeps ads off its site!

But lest accusations be leveled that the CooperToons site is anti-free enterprise, sales of CooperToons Books (all available from Amazon in paperback or KindleTM formats) is some helping to defray at least some of the costs.