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But what makes you decide to either post a drawing or an essay on any given topic?

CooperToons has repeatedly - that is repeatedly - heard friends, colleagues, and acquaintances speak of people, issues, and historical events with - quote - "knowledge" - unquote - gleaned exclusively from television and motion pictures. That much of this - quote - "knowledge" - unquote - is derived from heavily fictionalized screen treatments to the point the script shouldn't even use the real names of the people involved doesn't seem to sink in. And of course, nowadays - quote - "knowledge" - unquote - of the most distorted sort is now being often found and circulated the Internet. Therefore CooperToons selects topics where there is the need for accurate reporting from reliable and documented source material. Therefore it is the hope of CooperToons to return knowledge to a quality above that of the 19th Century dime novels.