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You mentioned that the changes might make some viewers believe less work is being done. Is this just an excuse to cover the fact that the "changes" in CooperToons are simply the result of sloth, indifference, and too much time surfing the net?

As the intelligent receivers of knowledge must spend time in study and contemplation, so then the erudite providers of knowledge must devote time to research, scholarship, honing their old skills, and learning new ones. This sometimes gives the impression of sloth and indifference (and too much time surfing the Net), but it is nothing of the kind. After all when the prior of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan asked Leonardo why it was taking him so long to finish the Last Supper - particularly the faces of Christ and Judas - and why he wasn't spending his time actually painting, Leonardo replied that he was working on the painting. But the point was that it was mental, not physical labor, and he told the prior that men of genius are doing the most when they are doing the least.

CooperToons could not have put it better.

The story went on that Leonardo, finally tired of the griping, painted the face of Judas to look like the prior. The source of this story is one of the earliest art history books, Giorgio Vasari's The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects. It is also suspiciously like a story Giorgio told about his friend Michelangelo when he was painting the Last Judgement.

By the way, "Da Vinci" is not really part of Leonardo's name. Leonardo, not being of the upper classes, had no proper last name. "Da Vinci" is simply an addition to show he was from, Vinci being a small village outside of Florence and "da" meaning from. So Leonardo Da Vinci is simply "Leonardo from Vinci". It is therefore quite proper to say "Leonardo" and OK to say he was "Leonardo Da Vinci". But it's not really correct to call him "Da Vinci".

On the other hand, you can maintain that the words "Da Vinci" refers to his father since Leonardo's full name was "Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci", ergo, Leonardo [the son] of Mr. Piero from Vinci". Some scholars say Leonardo was most likely born at the family's farm at Anchiano a short ways off. But if Leonardo went around introducing himself as "Leonardo da Anchiano" then no one would have known he was the famous Leonardo Da Vinci.