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CooperToons seems to be in a state of continual flux. What can justify changes if CooperToons is indeed a site dedicated to spreading truth and enlightenment? Truth, after all, never changes.

I hope the first statement did not refer to "flux" in it's oldest definition.

But that said, truth, indeed, never changes. But the manner in which truth is taught must change, particularly when dealing with that most insidious malady of the 21st Century, ignoratia docta televisionis.

But no website worth its salt can continue without change. So yes, the eagle eyed, the intelligent, the far seeing, tolerant, kind, cheerful, and honorable may note - and indeed, will welcome the changes as CooperToons adapts to combat ignorance and superstituion. Naturally, the whiney, the infantile, the puerile, the shallow, the intolerant, and the lover of 24 hour cable may actually think there is less being done and and will say there are fewer changes and updates occurring on CooperToons than in the past. Of course, CooperToons expects such minions to respond - as they always have - with the severest spittle flinging diatribes such as [supply whiney voice], "Why didn't you update your posting?", "How come you didn't change the picture?", "Why did you post that topic?"

Despite opposition, CooperToons will never flag in its mission!