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I notice you have relatively little information of famous American political figures. Shouldn't you, if you are a truly interested in eradicating ignorance, help publicize the accomplishments of the dedicated men and women who have made America the greatest country in the history of the world?

Yes, it is true that American political figures have made the country a model where job security, stable pension plans, and the best health care is now available to all congressmen, senators, American presidents, corporate executives, and other multimillionaires.

But as far as drawing more pictures of those jackas ..., well, those paragons of the American way, CooperToons has avoided it since for some reason when the drawings are completed he always feels he has to go wash his hands.

Actually CooperToons' suggestion for political reform is to adopt the system of Ancient Rome. Elected officials get paid nothing and support themselves through their own megabuck private incomes, kickbacks, shifty business investments, and out-and-out bribes. Which really wouldn't change much.