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I take great exception to some of your so-called histories and wrote you an E-mail with the corrections and the sources of information. Still the article hasn't been corrected. If we have disagreement here, can't we carry out a rational discussion on the issue? And certainly can't you have the common courtesy of at least acknowledging my E-mails?

Working backwards here, CooperToons responds mostly to requests for using illustrations or writings and as promptly as possible, attempting to give an immediate response after reading. He also often responds promptly and cheerfully to E-mails saying how great the article or drawing is. But he is a bit less prompt to respond to correspondence which says he's full of ...., well, that says his writings or drawings are of less than stellar quality. Those E-mails hurt his feelings.

As far as electronic (or other) discussions, as was stated above CooperToons does not find Internet debates a particularly fruitful pastime. Usually no one is convinced of the other's position, and the - quote - "discussion" - unquote - usually ends up as the inevitable spittle flinging diatribe and impolite invective.

So following that answer. If a - quote - "error" - unquote - is found and - quote - "documentation" - unquote - is supplied but no change is made in a few days, it most likely means CooperToons was not persuaded that his writing was indeed in error.