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All, right, Mr. Know-It-All, you've told us how your website is up here for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. So just how do you make a decision on what sources are the most reliable? After all, what gives you the authority to select what is the truth and what is not?

The true historian does not choose which sources are the best. He evaluates the information and speaks the truth as far as the true evidence permits.

But what is most important in garnering truth from the historical record is to realize that if there is not enough information to draw a definite conclusion, then no definite conclusion should be drawn. Saying you believe something is true when the evidence does not permit such a belief is just as incorrect - indeed, out and out wrong - as deliberately promulgating a barefaced lie. A particular failing of our society - and a hallmark of a superstitious one - is too many people believe things are true because 1) they want them to be true or 2) they are afraid not to believe they are false.

Rant, rave, snort.