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Paul Cohen

(1934 - 2007)

Paul Cohen

Although Coopertoons would never expect enthusiasts of Howard Stern, Spike TV, or WIP Sports radio to know about Paul Cohen, many other readers have been continually (and that's a joke, by the way) badgering CooperToons about him. "Forget about Elvis, Paul Newman, or Steven Spielberg!" they say. "When are you going to put up a caricature of Paul Cohen?"

All right, already! CooperToons cannot withstand the pressure. So here's the drawing. Sheesh!

Of course, even the most dense and uninformed will be aware of Paul's contributions to mankind. But in case some reading this are enthusiasts of etc., etc., CooperToons feels obliged to point out that Paul was the Stanford mathematician who proved - yes, proved (and may we all die the deaths of dogs if we lie) - that THE CONTINUUM HYPOTHESIS WAS INDEPENDENT OF THE OTHER AXIOMS OF SET THEORY!

I don't know about you, but I was worried.

And for enthusiasts, etc., etc., who don't know what the continuum hypothesis is or why Paul's discovery is important (a tiny, tiny minority of the world, we are sure), you can learn more by clicking here.