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Natalie Wood
(With Special Effects)

Sometimes a simple pencil drawing plus a mistake can make a nice drawing.

This drawing of actress Natalie Wood was a simple pencil drawing made with a 2B mechanical pencil. But a missetting on the scanner produced a high contrast image. So you get not just a caricature sketch but a work of art.

To see the (ptui) sketch before it (accidentally) became a work of art, move the mouse over the image - or on some devices, tap the image.

Natalie was, of course, an actress who had a career in movies that spanned over thirty years - which is all the more impressive given that she died prematurely at age 43 in a boating accident. It was quite a transition from starring as a young skeptical girl who didn't believe in Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street to playing, well, let's say, the famous ecdysiast, Gypsy Rose Lee.

For what it's worth it has been an that inexpensive mechanical pencils - that cost maybe a couple of bucks - operate more effectively that then fancy pants high-end - and expensive - pencils.