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Jose Rey de la Torre

Jose Rey de la Torre

Jose Rey de la Torre was a virtuoso Cuban classical guitarist who had a concert and recording career that spanned the mid-twentieth century. Happily some of his recordings are available in modern format - either as CD's or as the more convenient and (sometimes) less expensive MP3 downloads.

As one of the last students of Miguel Llobet, Rey represented an independent development of the classical guitar over that of what might be called the school of Andrés Segovia. Now let it be said that CooperToons is not by any means a Segovia basher. But it is definitely an oversimplification, if not out-and-out incorrect, to say that Andrés invented the classical guitar. Thanks to people like Miguel, Rey, and others, it had been coming along quite quite nicely, thank you.

Sadly, by 1976 progressive rheumatoid arthritis had forced Rey to retire from playing. But he continued teaching for the next twenty years and died in California in 1994.

Rey's talent was by no means limited to the classical guitar and he excelled at other activities, both mainstream and a little more out of the ordinary. For a bit more about Rey, his life, and his playing click here.