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Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Everybody knows Joan Rivers and her comedy carreer that lasted from the early 1950's until her untimely death in 2014. Her earliest routines were often about her negotiating her way through a world where standards of feminine pulchritude were dictated by Hollywood and customs of decorum that are still preached by parents and elders even though parents and elders never have practiced what they preach.

It was after her appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1965 that Joan really hit the big time. She became a Las Vegas headliner but remained best known to television audiences as a regular - and when Johnny worked out a new contract where he cut his week from 5 days a week at 90 minutes a show to 3 days a week at 60 minutes - the permanent guest host. Then she was such an effective host, that in 1983 she was given her own talk show - and so became the first woman television host.

What remains a mystery is why when Joan got her own talk show, The Late Show with Joan Rivers, that Johnny was so angered. Was it because Joan was on another network and at the same time as The Tonight Show? You wouldn't think so, since Johnny had remained friends with Joey Bishop when he started his own talk show on another network and in the same time slot as Johnny. But whatever the reason, Johnny never spoke to Joan again.

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