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Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

If anyone doubts for one moment that the line between the moral and the libertine are simply arbitrary cultural standards, they would do well to study the example of Mr. Hugh Hefner. After all, in today's world sermons on the evils of gambling and avarice have been replaced by church groups taking day trips to nearby casinos, and the images that so shocked the good citizens of Moralsville, USA when first printed in Hugh's then fledgling but now iconic publication are little different than what we now see splashed across on public billboards, run daily on prime time television, and viewed by the whole family.

Despite enjoying what is now somewhat archaically called a jet-set modus vivendi, Hugh's life has been remarkably free of scandal - particularly when contrasted with examples set by some of the world's various leading political and - quote - "religious" - unquote - leaders, those have appointed themselves Guardians of the Morals for All Others provided they don't have to follow their teachings themselves.

Hugh, by the way, is a firm believer that parents should have authority over what their children see and read. He even supported the V-chip when his channel began its broadcasting.

So the next time you think of family values, let's applaud Mr. Hefner and his most famous enterprise which up to the time of this writing remained a family run business.