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George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was, at one time, the most famous playwright in the world. Of course, if you're a regular playgoer you know who he is, and it's a good bet that somewhere in the country you can see his most famous play Pygmalion.

However, more people will be familiar with the musical made from Pygmalion. That's My Fair Lady which starred Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn, although before there was the film there was the Broadway production where Rex also starred but Julie Andrews played Eliza.

The plot, though, - like most plots - is taken from one of a few basic scenarios that can be traced to the plays of Ancient Greece. Pygmalion's plot is the fish-out-of-water where a character is taken out of a familiar environment with comedic effect.

But before My Fair Lady there were other films that borrowed the Pygmalion plot. In fact, there were at least two many people are familiar with: Hoi Polloi and a remake, titled Half-Wits Holiday. Both films starred ...

Well, to learn what would have made George - if he were still alive - roll over in his grave, just click here.