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Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

In the summer of 1986, the author of CooperToons was enjoying a good dinner of steak and French fries at Joe's Steakhouse in Montreal. As he poured out a cool La Fin du Monde into the tall frosty glass, a quartet of well-dressed gentlemen sat down in the next booth. They began speaking in excellent English but with a touch of Hispanic accent. Naturally this is no big deal.

On the other hand, the author couldn't help overhearing their conversation, particularly since he was listening. This was clearly a business dinner, and the men began to speak of an upcoming conference. They would soon be meeting, they said, primarily with the Minister of Finance. But they also believed they would be able to talk to someone higher up in the government, a man they referred to only as "Fidel".

Suddenly the author of CooperToons was shocked! shocked! There he was sitting there, sitting right there in Joe's Steakhouse in Montreal, sitting right there in Joe's Steakhouse in Montreal next to some real live Communists! He was sitting right there in Joe's Steakhouse in Montreal next to some real live Communists - and Communists who actually knew the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro!

The author was so shocked that he immediately ordered another La Fin du Mond.

But let it be said that despite this past association, the author of CooperToons is not now nor never has been a member of - well, he won't even dignify the organization by name. But you can trust him to write honestly and objectively about the Cuban leader who for over half a century has been the head of what CooperToons' junior high Spanish textbook referred to as nos amigos buenos de la insula al sur. That is, you can if you just click here.