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Vote for
Dr. Evan Harris!
MP, Oxford West and Abingdon!

Dr. Evan Harris

Yes, in breaking all tradition, CooperToons had decided to actually endorse a political candidate! But by choosing to support a candidate from across the sea, he is demonstrating his endorsement is made solely because it is the right thing to do.

Certainly after mature reflection, even the most dense will see that in this endorsement there is not and never can be any conflict of interest. CooperToons' decision was made without any desire for personal gain, wealth, mammon, wine, women, song, extra grocery coupons, or discount seating at sports events. No, sirs and madams, it is only for the good of the nation - that is, the Nation that in 1783 and out of the goodness of its heart granted independence to its rustic cousin across the sea - and hence for the good of the world that CooperToons urges all right thinking citizens who believe in evidence-based policy, free speech, human rights, and equality to vote for Dr. Evan Harris for Parliament!

The fact that Dr. Harris referenced CooperToons' webpage and caricature of Irish comedian Dara O'Briain on his Twitter account and in doing so directed enough viewers to the CooperToons website to break the previous record of daily visitors many times over has absolutely nothing to do with it!