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Eugene Ormandy

(whoever he was)

Eugene Ormandy

Just joking. EVERYONE knows who Eugene Ormandy was. Beginning in 1936, he was the associate conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra joining Leopold Stowkowski who had been at the desk for 24 years. But when Leopold left in 1938, Eugene took over.

Maestro Ormandy was probably the last full time conductor of a major orchestra (if not, please so inform). It's hard to believe now with conductors wearing simulataneous hats with multiple orchestras (and it must be added picking up simultaneous paychecks as well) that Eugene stuck solely with the Philadelphia Orchestra for nearly fifty years. Although he retired in 1980, he remained conductor laureate until his death in 1985.

The caricature is done (or rather attempted) in the style of Al Hirschfeld whom many people consider the greatest caricaturist ever. Actually, although his style was unique and popular, many of his caricatures are unrecognizable without a crib sheet.

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