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Buster Keaton
The Great Stone Face

Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton was perhaps second only to Charlie Chaplin as the comedian par excellence of the silent movies. Buster also made the transition from silent to sound but not as successfully as Charlie whose sound films The Great Dictator and Limelight were huge hits. Ironically, Buster's last film was officially a "talky" - but for all practical purposes is a silent film.

That movie, of course, is Film the only excursion into screenwriting by the Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett. It is what you call an "art" film and most viewers say they don't know what's going on. That, of course, is exactly what Buster said himself.

Well, to learn a little about what did go on - in Buster's time and era, at least - just click here.