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The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters

Who actually organized the group is a bit unclear. Some sources say it was Maxene; others say Laverne. But together the Sisters, we learn, sold over 60 million records of over 900 recordings. Again the numbers vary a bit by source, but. the girls sold a lot. They also appeared in a number of television shows and films, and their songs have been in many more - including blockbuster hits being made to this day.

The trio's wholesome, girl-next-door innocence wasn't necessarily just part of the show. They said it was years before they realized the lyrics in "Rum and Coca-Cola" where they sang how in Trinidad "both mother and daughter" were " working for the Yankee dollar" might refer to something other than everyone was contributing to the war effort.

Sadly, none of the sisters are still with us. LaVerne died in 1967 and Maxene in 1995. Patti, the last of the Andrews sisters, died on January 30, 2013, aged nearly 95.


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