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White Tiger

White Tiger

First things, first. White tigers are not albino tigers.

Instead, they're just tigers with white fur.

Let's get it right!

But white tigers are the subject of some controversy. Because they are rare and are not really a distinct variety, some animal advocates are opposed to deliberate captive breeding particularly if there are only a few individuals with the particular trait. Others say that with proper selection to insure the pairs are not of the same family, then the negative effects of inbreeding can be avoided.

But there is one tale of the tiger that everyone has heard about but may think of it more of a folk tale - or today a Fount of All Knowledge Tale. Those are the stories about how tigers become ...

Well, we'll hold that discussion until later. But certainly as far as tigers themselves go, they are the biggest of the cats. They are also quite cool. That is, they are ...

No, we can't say it. But you can learn a bit more about tigers if you just click here.