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Porcelain (English) Lioness

Porcelain Lioness (English Porcelain)

The final fired version of the earlier (unfired) statue. As in the previous sculpture this is not a porcelain sculpture of an English lioness, but a sculpture of a lioness made from English porcelain - or rather made from clay that becomes English procelain.

A comment is in order on animal sculpting in general and involving the family Felidae in general. The artist was gratified how when mentioning this was a sculpture of a "wild cat" - which is true enough - a fellow artist said "It looks like a lioness". Of course, that is the type of "wild cat" it is. A never ending trial in animal sculpture is the noticeable but subtle differences - quite apart from size - in almost all animals of a given family, genus, and even species. That's why even ignoring fur markings and adornment like stripes and manes, lions do not look like tigers and mountain lions don't look like cheetahs. You can even have trouble with quite disparate families of animals. It's not unheard of for even a skilled sculptor struggling to keep a statue of a bear from looking like a rather strange looking dog.

Some may criticize this "lion" as being too thin. But this isn't an American lion.

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