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Two Giraffes - Pastel

Two Giraffes

"Why do giraffes have such short necks?" was recently asked on BBC's Qi. The point is that if you've ever seen a giraffe drink, it's their legs are unusually long compared to other animals. So the real question is why do giraffes have such short bodies?

Dang it. It's simply that's they way the evolved as they arose from deer whose proportions were perfectly fine, thank you. But as the forests of the African continent retreated to be replaced by grasslands, the animals with longer legs themselves at the advantage, particularly as they could pick out leaves on the trees from any height. Elephants had their trunks, antelopes had their speed, and lions didn't need to worry about eating leaves. So giraffe wouldn't have made it without their long legs - and necks.

This is not a digital rendering but is a pastel drawing using what are called premium quality pastels. The better pastels are indeed superior to the cheaper brands in terms of adhesion, smoothness of application, vibrancy of color, and sad to say, price. In fact two sticks of the better pastels cost about the same as a set of twelve of the cheaper brands. But can anyone place a price to art?