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Elephant Models

Elephant Models

Mbili tembo. Kaksi norsua. Zewg iljunfanti. No matter how you say it, what you have here are two elephants.

Or two models of two elephants. The next step - as all but the newest readers now know - is to create a mold from which to cast 1) a wax model for the lost wax process, 2) a plaster model for future reference, or 3) a final cold cast which is a way to avoid the time, trouble, and yes, expense of full metal casting or stone and wood carving.

The added complexities of these model will create - well, added complexities for making of the mold. But Heroism in the Face of Adversity is a hallmark of all true artistes without whom (or is it who?) the world would be a poorer, sadder place.

But the observant will ask, "Where are the tusks? Elephants - particularly African bush elephants - have tusks".

Well, mes dames et messieurs, the tusks will be dealt with when appropriate. It's just if one goes into the laboratory, one sees the process of creation, not necessarily the final product.