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Another Pig

Sleepy Pig

Eins mehr the discerning viewer will note similarities in this drawing and the earlier block prints.

This drawing was used to make the outlines for carving the relief on a linoleum block. The black lines were left raised and the light areas were carved away. Then what you do is ink the relief and print it on a sheet of newsprint where the outline of the block has also been marked in pencil. Since the ink is slow drying you can then take the print and place it on another block of the same size. Sometimes to make sure the second block is the same size, you use the back of the original block.

What you do next is place the news print with the inked side down on the new block. Your run it through a press - or use a rice spoon to rub the back of the paper. Since the print on the paper was the reverse of the image on the carved block, the print of the print on a new block reverses the image again so it comes out in the same orientation as on the original block.

Now to help stabilize the image on the new block you sprinkle it with talcum powder and then lightly dust it off. You can then carve on the second block to leave raised areas where you want color on the print. So you can then make the two color block print.