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Pigs and Piglets - Clay Models

Pig and Piglets - Clay Models

The skill and accomplishments of CooperToons' sculptures and bronze casting has been likened to the most famous sculpture created by Leonardo Da Vinci. Now it is true that the one common denominator for CooperToons pigs and piglets and Leonardo's Leonardo's Great Horse of the Sforzas is that both were fashioned as preliminary models that have not yet been cast into bronze. True, Leonardo's Great Horse was never cast in bronze, and the model - 24 feet tall - was destroyed by Gascony bowmen who used it for target practice. There is, though, a modern model of the horse in Milan although no one really knows what Leonardo's actual horse looked like.

Unlike Leonardo's horse, these models of porcine contentment are extant and might be cast in one form or another some day. But like Leonardo, CooperToons has other commitments that can - ah - postpone completion of the project.

But for those who think this is merely an excuse for sloth, remember what the great Leonardo himself said, when the prior of the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie complained that Leonardo had not finished the picture after more than two years. when summoned by the duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, to explain his delay, Leonardo simply replied "Men of genius may be working when they seem to be doing the least."