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Les Girafes de Norristown

Norristown Giraffes

This illustration of two giraffes at Le Zoo de Norrisown is rendered in pastels on - what may seem strange - hot pressed watercolor paper. Hot pressed paper has a fairly smooth surface but still has enough "tooth" to hold the pastel fairly well. Contrast this look to that of the Peeking Hippopotamus that was drawn on the rougher surface of cold pressed watercolor paper.

Giraffes have appeared in the historical record since the times of the pharaohs. The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic word for giraffe was - probably pronounced something like "mama". Another word was which Egyptologists pronounce conventionally as "ser".

If you aren't particularly interested in giraffes, you can - as Chaucer said - "turne over the leef and chese another tale". Or today you click to another "leef".

But if you do want to learn a bit more about these quite unique animals, then "chese" here.