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Metal Sculpture

Metal Sculpture - Giraffe

All know that the author and artist of CooperToons (ptui) spits on modern art - that is, modern art that is unintentional self-satire of the type that accidentally gets thrown out in the trash unless the curator's post a sign saying "This is great art, not trash. Do not throw out."

Of course, if you take a bunch of metal rods and weld them together to they look a bit, sort of, and kind of like a girafee then THAT IS ART!

Not saying it's great art. But at least it is art.

Direct metal sculpture really wasn't much of an art form until technology of welding became (relatively) accessible. Some of the first direct metal sculptors were professional welders, albeit with artistic training, who, you might say, took their work home with them. Even today, direct metalists are not that well known but include worthies like Albert Terris, Claire Falkenstein, and Richard Hunt.

The - quote - "work of art" - unquote - on this page was put together using a MIG welder (that is, metal-inert gas) - which although among the simpler welders to use, are not noted for exact precision. So the welds tend to be a bit lumpy. But the advantage is you can "draw" so to speak with the welder.

Alas, it is not likely there will be many additional CooperToons direct metal sculptors as they do require materials and equipment and space than is economically convenient. Not that there will never be additional CooperToons direct metal sculptures, but they will likely not be a high-output product.