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Heroism Standing Unpatinaed in the Face of Adversity

Heroic Unpatinaed Pig

Like CooperToons has repeated, bronze statues are mostly casts and you can make multiple editions albeit through a long drawn out process.

Here we have another edition - of "Heroism in the Face of Adversity". This edition is simple unpatinaed, unwaxed, unvarnished bronze.

And yes, CooperToons cast his with only minor assistance, essentially taking the work from the concept to completion - not, we must point out, like Auguste Rodin, who generally got the idea, fiddled a bit with a clay model, and then hired someone else to go from there.

Alas, such luxuries are usually limited to successfull and well-to-do- artists. Fortuantely, as CooperToons hopes to show in times to come, there are alternatives that have been developed for artists who get by on more of a shoestring.