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Eins Mehr

Ein Gorilla

Gorilla Sketch

Another gorilla - actually a sketch of the same gorilla used for the photo retouching exercise. As the intelligentsia know, the taxonomic genus and species description of the gorilla is gorilla gorilla.

Actually this is a western lowland gorilla whose full taxonomic description in genus, species, and subspecies is gorilla gorilla gorilla. Yes, yes, yes.

Western lowland gorillas are the most numerous of gorillas remaining int the wild, and not coincidentally, are the gorillas you'll most likely see in a zoo. Again not coincidentally their highest populations are in remote forest and swamp regions of the Congo. The current population is estimated at about 100,000 individuals. Compare this to the population of baboons, whose population is in the millions and even in areas where humans move have thrived to the point they are listed as problem animals and even vermin. Western lowland gorillas, on the other hand, are considered to be a critically endangered species.

This drawing is - as should be obvious - a charcoal "study" which may end up - as did the famous "cat sketch" - as a - quote - "larger work" - unquote.