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Elephant Drawing

Elephant Drawing

The great sculptors of the Renaissance - Donatello, Michelangelo, Ghiberti - would usually put their ideas on paper before they attempted to create the statue. Such was the case with CooperToons' bronze elephants where this drawing was the first step in getting the proportions and anatomy in place.

Some readers and viewers have asked about CooperToons' fascination - some have said obsession - with pachyderms, pigs, and cows. CooperToons must pooh-pooh such spittle flinging diatribes as the blathering of the unenlightened who cannot appreciate the diversity of living organisms that have arisen from millions of years of evolution. Elephants in particular are worthy of special mention, at least in part because it is becoming increasingly obvious to all but the most dense that they are our intellectual equals in every respect.

Elephants can in fact create art and many do so spontaneously. Yes, there are those who claim the elephants are simply "trained" to paint - one elephant actually specializes in painting elephants - but CooperToons must point out that people, too, must be trained in art before they can achieve any fluency.

In fact, the truth is that the more talented elephants can paint in a manner superior to many - quote - "famous artists" - unquote. For instance compare the work of one of our pachydermine artists, Thongthai of Thailand (by clicking here) and that of the famous artists Marcel Duchamp (by clicking here).

CooperToons sees no further point in discussion.

CooperToons does, by the way, own an authentic elephant art painting, but not an original Marcel Duchamp.

Well, on second thought, after upon looking in his WC, he thinks maybe he does after all.